British Sea Power change their name to Sea Power

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British Sea Power name change

British Sea Power have announced they’ve changed their name to Sea Power. “The name British Sea Power had come to feel constricting, like an ancient legacy we were carrying with us,” the group says in a statement. “In recent times there’s been a rise in a certain kind of nationalism in this world – an isolationist, antagonistic nationalism that we don’t want to run any risk of being confused with. It’s become apparent that it’s possible to misapprehend the name British Sea Power, particularly if someone isn’t familiar with the band or their recordings. We’ve always been internationalist in our mindset, something made clear in songs like Waving Flags, an anthem to pan-European idealism. We always wanted to be an internationalist band but maybe having a specific nation state in our name wasn’t the cleverest way to demonstrate that.”

Read the full statement here.

The name change accompanies the announcement that the group will be releasing a new album titled Everything Was Forever on February 11. Hear the first single “Two Fingers” below, and take a look at the tracklist.

British Sea Power Everything Was Forever tracklist:

1 Scaring at the Sky
2 Transmitter
3 Two Fingers
4 Fire Escape in the Sea
5 Dopplegänger
6 Fear Eats the Soul
7 Folly
8 Green Goddess
9 Lakeland Echo
10 We Only Want to Make You Happy

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