Car Seat Headrest announce live album, Faces from the Masquerade

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Car Seat Headrest live

Car Seat Headrest have announced a new live album. On December 8, they’ll release Faces from the Masquerade via Matador, which was recorded during their 2022 tour. It features live versions of songs from their albums Making a Door Less Open, Twin Fantasy, Teens of Denial and more. Today they’ve shared a live video of “Bodys”. Watch it below.

Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo said in a statement, “The 2022 “Masquerade” was a crazy tour that ignited with a particular ferocity once we touched ground on the east coast. Our time in New York captures that momentary magic where we’re playing at our peak and the crowd is responding as one giant body.”

Car Seat Headrest Faces from the Masquerade tracklist:

1. Crows
2. Weightlifters
3. Fill in the Blank
4. Hymn
5. Hollywood
6. Bodys
7. Something Soon
8. 1937 State Park
9. Sober to Death
10. Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales
11. It’s My Child (I’ll Do What I Like)
12. Can’t Cool Me Down %
13. Beach Life-In-Death
14. Deadlines

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