Album Reviews

Ibibio Sound Machine pull the rope review

Ibibio Sound Machine : Pull the Rope

On their fifth album, the UK group ease back into a sensuous late night groove.

Mdou Moctar Funeral for Justice review

Mdou Moctar : Funeral for Justice

An electrifying protest album that’ll stop you in your tracks

Houses of Heaven within/without review

Houses of Heaven : Within/Without

The California group deepen their darkwave with a set of synth-goth featuring guest appearances from members of Nitzer Ebb and Boan

Reds, Pinks and Purples Unwishing Well review

The Reds, Pinks & Purples : Unwishing Well

The Bay Area songwriter’s latest is part effortless poetry, part nonchalant sage energy

Jessica Pratt Here in the Pitch review

Jessica Pratt : Here in the Pitch

A uniquely gorgeous set of songs wrapped in gauzy production

Six Organs of Admittance Time is Glass review

Six Organs of Admittance : Time Is Glass

Ben Chasny’s 21st release is an atmospheric folk album informed by his Northern California home

NØ MAN Glitter and Spit review

NØ MAN : Glitter and Spit

The D.C. group balance the energy of youth with wisdom and maturity through blistering hardcore

Darkthrone It beckons us all review

Darkthrone : It Beckons Us All

A return to the black metal legends’ dark heavy metal roots

Lord Spikeheart The Adept review

Lord Spikeheart : The Adept

An debut album that takes industrial noise to fun new extremes

Necrot Lifeless Birth review

Necrot : Lifeless Birth

The trio continue to sharpen their death metal sound with rage that burns even hotter

claire rousay sentiment review

claire rousay : Sentiment

An unpredictable move into emo songwriting and Auto-Tuned folk from the unpredictable composer/producer

Cloud Nothings Final Summer review

Cloud Nothings : Final Summer

On their eighth album, the indie stalwarts offer up their biggest sounding record to date—but by no means their longest

Shabaka Perceive Its Beauty Acknowledge Its Grace review

Shabaka : Perceive Its Beauty, Acknowledge Its Grace

The prolific jazz artist fully explores the flute on this spiritual, understated set of pieces

James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg : All Gist

An instrumental, acoustic album that hums with early morning energy

Fabiana Palladino review

Fabiana Palladino : Fabiana Palladino

A masterful debut that draws influence from ’80s sophisti-pop and Minneapolis funk and R&B.

Drahla angeltape review

Drahla : angeltape

Five years after their previous LP, the Leeds post-punk outfit return with a punchier, heavier set of songs

Rosie Tucker Utopia Now review

Rosie Tucker : Utopia Now!

A standout blend of the personal and the political

Einstürzende Neubauten rampen

Einstürzende Neubauten : Rampen (apm: alien pop music)

The industrial legends reshape their sound again with immediacy and nuance

Khruangbin A La Sala review

Khruangbin : A La Sala

The Texas trio return to the instrumental grooves that made them festival favorites

shabazz palaces exotic birds of prey

Shabazz Palaces : Exotic Birds of Prey

Ishmael Butler at his most informal and disparate, but still dope