Album Reviews

turnstile glow on review

Quicksand : Distant Populations

The most concise yet potent the New York City band has ever sounded.

Killers Pressure Machine review

The Killers : Pressure Machine

The band’s seventh album is a concept album with a critical eye and a big heart—and some of the best songs they’ve written.

Robert Ellis Orrall 467 Surf and Gun club review

Robert Ellis Orrall : 467 Surf and Gun Club

A nostalgia-tinged laid-back pop indulgence.

Wolves in the Throne Room Primordial Arcana review

Wolves in the Throne Room : Primordial Arcana

The black metal outfit’s latest is longer, atmospheric and intense.

East Forest Possible review

East Forest : Possible

An album about the possibilities that lie ahead of us, made from a delicate, historic instrument.

Psychic Hit Solutio review

Psychic Hit : Solutio

Psychic Hit conjure the sound of occult rock anew, swirled with heavy psych and vintage metal.

twiabp illusory walls review

Foxing : Draw Down the Moon

A maximalist statement of kaleidoscopic sounds, only occasionally returning to the band’s trademark intimacy.

Gabbo EP review

Gabbo : Gabbo EP

The debut EP from singer/songwriter Gabrielle Franks is open, honest and intricately arranged.

bendik giske cracks review

Eluvium : Virga II

Matthew Cooper explores worlds both real and imagined in his new ambient set.

Tangents Timeslips and Chimeras review

Tangents : Timeslips & Chimeras

The electronic/jazz fusion group’s new dual-release album continues an emphasis on their hybrid sound.

Durand Jones private space review

Durand Jones & the Indications : Private Space

A feelgood soul prescription with a chaser of contemporary R&B and disco.

Roy Montgomery That Best Forgotten Work review

Roy Montgomery : That Best Forgotten Work

The prolific guitarist returns with his second of four LPs this year, focusing on covers.

hank may one more taste of the good stuff review

Samia : Scout EP

An indie rock EP that doubles as an act of self care.

prolaps autumnal age review

Anika : Change

Ten years is a long time. At least relative to our existence it is, and…

Claire Rousay More Eaze An afternoon whine

Claire Rousay/More Eaze : An Afternoon Whine

An electronic collaboration that hones in on the detail of the everyday.

claire rousay more eaze an afternoon whine review

Lucrecia Dalt & Aaron Dilloway : Lucy & Aaron

This collaborative work from two experimental/noise artists is hypnotic, even oddly accessible in its best moments.

lingua ignota sinner get ready review

Alexis Marshall : House of Lull. House of When

Daughters’ frontman delivers a debut solo album full of harrowing noise and anxiety-ridden narratives.

King Woman Celestial Blues review

King Woman – Celestial Blues

Kris Esfandiari’s doom metal project speaks to the superlative quality of the group’s power.

A Place to Bury Strangers Hologram review

A Place to Bury Strangers : Hologram

A bite-sized sampling of the NYC shoegaze/noise-rock group’s well-tuned sonics.

hank may one more taste of the good stuff review

Wavves : Hideaway

The slacker rock princes’ latest feels shaped and waxed rather than caked in fuzz.