Album Reviews

Death Cab for Cutie : Transatlanticism

Fourth album by Bellingham indie-rockers is a masterpiece.

Cyann & Ben : Spring

Keep your labels away from their art.

Rufus Wainwright : Want One

Seriously, what’s with the suit of armor?

Beulah : Yoko

Beulah’s fourth album pushes them into epic status.

Constantines : Shine A Light

Blame Canada…for cranking out some awesome music.

Broadcast - haha Sound review

Broadcast : haha Sound

Third album by Birmingham trio reveals dreamier sound.

Van Morrison : Astral Weeks

A look back at one of the greatest albums ever, and a good tea companion.

Guided by Voices : Earthquake Glue

Dayton’s most beloved rock band cranks out another one.

Kill Me Tomorrow : Skin’s Getting Weird

Oh, it’s already gotten weird.

TV on the Radio : Young Liars

Rejoice!!! Something new! Something new!

Nina Nastasia : Run to Ruin

Sometimes what makes an album is what isn’t there.

Patrick Park : Loneliness Knows My Name

Patrick Park writes good songs. Just don’t call him the next John Denver.

Damien Rice : O

Getting your Irish up.

Thicke : A Beautiful World

White Chocolate in the hizzle.

The Mars Volta : De-loused in the Comatorium

Prog is back, and it wears an afro.

Gold Chains : Young Miss America

Gold Chains is calling code red on soci-i-i-ety.

Prefuse 73 : One Word Extinguisher

Is there such a thing as emo-tronica?

Pinback : Offcell

San Diegans’ new EP is a splendid tease of what’s to come.