Essential Tracks

DJ Jenifa essential track

DJ Jenifa’s “WhoCares808_7B” is meditative, blistering house

Gold Panda delivers a boogie-worthy gem through his alias.

Baroness Essential Track Borderlines

Baroness continue their progressive arc on “Borderlines”

Another big step forward from a band that never sits still.

Rakta Essential Track

Rakta’s “Flor da Pele” is a psychedelic goth nightmare

The Brazilian post-punk band runs wild with dark psychedelia.

Deafheaven Black Brick

Deafheaven get a little dirtier on “Black Brick”

There’s more metal, more riffs, more gnarl.

The Bongo Hop essential track

The Bongo Hop’s “La Carga” turns a strange tale into something funky

Hear the latest Afrobeat-inspired jam from Etienne Sevet.

Big Thief take a mature leap on new single “UFOF”

The first single from the band’s new album is a futuristic art pop gem.

Wand new album 2019 Laughing Matter

Wand grow more cerebral and intricate on “Thin Air”

A more cerebral and intricate version of Wand.

Laurel Halo Sweetie Essential track

Laurel Halo’s “Sweetie” is noisy, experimental and cerebral

The Berlin-based producer’s latest track showcases her inventor’s curiosity.

Inter Arma new album Sulphur English

Inter Arma’s “Citadel” is a sprawling and massive metal epic

The Richmond, Virginia band returns with a powerful new dose of thunder.

Diat Essential Track

Berlin post-punks Diät build a haunting dirge on “We”

A haunted and haunting dirge of gray marble and grime.

Bartees Strange In a Cab essential track

Bartees Strange crafts beautiful chaos on “In a Cab”

This brief but stunning track is a blend of beauty and torment.

AYBEE’s “Afro Galaga” is left-field dance music at its best

A prime example of spacey innovation from the Berlin-based producer.

Apparat Dawan essential track

Apparat revels in the freedom of his design on “Dawan”

The producer, who comprises one half of Moderat, taps into his own art-pop visions.

Brutus War Essential Track

Brutus’ “War” is explosive hardcore wrapped in gorgeous dream pop

The Belgian band’s new single is a gorgeously intense genre hybrid.

Oozing Wound essential track

Oozing Wound’s “Tween Shitbag” is caustic, brutal fun

A gnarly takedown of “shitty dudes in shitty bands.”