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Cherry Glazerr I Don't Want You Anymore review

Cherry Glazerr’s past three albums have carried a heavy, brash rock tone to them, a fearlessness to be noisy and immersive. But their fourth release, I Don’t Want You Anymore, feels like a step into an even higher level of boldness. From the album’s opening track, an instrumentally barren reflection between singer/songwriter Clementine Creevy and her innermost thoughts, “Addicted to Your Love” is a raw exploration of the toll that toxic relationships can take on our souls. A short, acoustic track, it shows Creevy baring her experiences without the usual wave of drums and rough electric guitars as she sings, “I’m feeling frozen like I don’t wanna talk / run out of things / I’m addicted to your love.” 

Back in 2014, when I started listening to Cherry Glazerr, it felt like Clementine Creevy had tapped into something I wasn’t getting from any of the other music I was listening to—the rage and frustration you can feel from just existing as a woman. The constant exhaustion and irritation I was experiencing, it felt like she was writing and churning into a cathartic bounty of tracks, especially on “Teenage Girl” and “White’s Not My Color This Evening.” These tracks felt like ones I could let my brain sink into, a respite from other music that just didn’t get it.

While Apocalipstick and Stuffed & Ready both carried on this energy of talking about these twists and turns, I Don’t Want You Anymore seems to bring us back to Creevy’s true eye-rolling, give-the-world-the-middle-finger songwriting style. The music video for “Sugar” has a dark, after hours feel to it, bringing to mind an influence of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. The track itself is gnarly, with a grungy, nagging guitar line that persists throughout. As Creevy sings, “Bottle up yesterday / but I think it matters anyway,” there’s a sense that the relationship she sings about is sinister, making her screams of “I’m your sugar” a moment of release and rawness. At the end of “Sugar” we hear Creevy’s maniacal laugh, a callback to 2014’s “White’s Not My Color This Evening.”

I Don’t Want You Anymore finds Creevy co-producing the album along with Yves Rothman, marking her first time back behind the boards since 2014’s Haxel Princess. While the album keeps up Cherry Glazerr’s familiar brand of heavy, washed out rock, this album is heavier on experimentation. On the pop-infused “Bad Habit,” there’s a bouncy, glimmering backing track to accompany Creevy’s vocals, creating an disco-inspired track with punching drums and synths. On the other end, “Touched You With My Chaos” feels like the band’s heaviest moment, its guitars sounding severe and relentless, leaning farther into metal.

Cherry Glazerr’s latest collection is carefully crafted, and deeply personal, while Creevy states in a press release that she sees this as the band being “fully-actualized.” With an arsenal of brutally honest tracks with gutsy messages, Creevy’s work to create a cathartic space is just beginning.

Label: Secretly Canadian

Year: 2023

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