The Cue Sheet Podcast Episode One: The Music of ‘Veronica Mars’

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Treble has a new podcast! The Cue Sheet is a celebration and analysis of the music in our favorite television shows, and every month your hosts, Candice Eley and Jeff Terich, will be taking a deep dive into a different show to discuss how music helped create a unique atmosphere, heighten the drama (or comedy), and enhance the personality of the series.

Our first series begins with a show that was filmed here in our own backyard: Veronica Mars. Though the show only lasted for three seasons—and then was revived for a movie seven years later and eventually a fourth season on HuluVeronica Mars made a distinct impression during its short run by establishing a hard-boiled noir aesthetic in the unlikely setting of a Southern California high school. But an important part of that aesthetic was its music, whether it’s the downtempo groove of Air lending a surrealist vibe to some fairly heavy themes, The Old 97’s scoring one character’s getaway from the FBI in Mexico, The Notwist ratcheting up the tension in a moment of surveillance, or someone getting his ass kicked to Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore.”

We chat about the musical moments that made the show memorable, the soundtrack that set it apart from its primetime competition, and a few of the moments that felt a little out of place. Hear our pilot episode of The Cue Sheet Podcast below.

Our previous podcast, The Worst Song, has been retired after three years but will remain archived on the site. Share your favorite Veronica Mars moments in the comments, and let us know if there’s a show you’d like us to cover!

Our theme music is by Bit Maps. Listen to and download their music via Bandcamp.

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