Rock Docs Podcast: All I Can Say, with guest Ryan Bradford

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All I Can Say documentary

The Rock Docs team makes another leap through decades past, revisiting the ’90s after a trip back to one of the biggest songs of the ’80s. All I Can Say is a 2019 documentary about late Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon, directed by Danny Clinch, Taryn Gould, Colleen Hennessy, and, posthumously, Shannon Hoon.

All I Can Say is compiled from VHS footage taken by Blind Melon singer Shannon Hoon from his early days as an aspiring musician right up until a few hours before his death at 28 from an accidental drug overdose. Shannon compulsively filmed his life during his unlikely rise to fame, from intimate family moments to hanging out with Guns N’ Roses. The “found footage” approach takes us into the recording studio, on the road with Blind Melon, and even into the delivery room when Shannon’s daughter is being born. The movie is an unexpected and fitting tribute to Shannon’s talents as a musician and visual artist.

This week’s guest is Ryan Bradford, author of the Awkward SD newsletter and occasional contributor to Treble. He also previously guested on the Rock Docs episode on This is GWAR.

Listen to the podcast below and check out the trailer for the documentary, and watch it at Prime Video.

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