Rock Docs Podcast: The Greatest Night In Pop

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The Greatest Night in Pop

The Rock Docs team takes a trip back to one of the biggest musical events of the 1980s with the latest episode of their podcast. That event is “We Are the World,” the all-star charity single from USA for Africa, a 1985 song featuring pop heavyweights like Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, The Pointer Sisters, Bette Midler, Willie Nelson, and so many more.

The Greatest Night In Pop, the newly released Netflix documentary on the making of the directed by Bao Nguyen, is essentially two films in one. Act One is a heist film-style tick-tock about how the concept came together at the behest of Harry Belafonte, the song got written despite Stevie Wonder ghosting Lionel Richie, and the Avengers of 80s Pop was assembled just in time for the recording. Act Two has us in the room during one very long night as Quincy Jones tries to wrangle several dozen superstars and capture performances from everyone from an eager Huey Lewis to a truly miserable Bob Dylan.

Plus also find out how Sheila E was unsuccessfully used by the producers as a honeypot to get Prince to the recording, why Waylon Jennings muttered, “ain’t no good old boy ever sung in Swahili,” see Diana Ross’ unexpected moment of sweetness, and much much more.

Hear your hosts, Andy Keatts and David Lizerbram, discuss the documentary and watch the trailer for the film below.

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