Dead Moon releasing their catalog in hi-res audio

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Dead Moon In the Graveyard

The catalog of legendary Portland lo-fi garage punks Dead Moon is being released in hi-res audio for the first time. The first three albums in the band’s catalog, 1988’s In the Graveyard, 1989’s Unknown Passage and 1990’s Defiance are out now in 24-bit hi-res audio via Qobuz. And there will be two more drops of releases from the band’s catalog: One on July 12 and one on August 16.

Mastering engineer Timothy Stollenwerk said “the most exciting part of mastering these albums in the analog domain at modern levels is finally being able to hear how monstrous Toody is on bass!”

“Dead Moon is an American institution with a global cult following” said Qobuz Managing Director Dan Mackta. “We’ve been fans of this music from the start and it’s an honor to be chosen to introduce our audience to them. Their dedication to their craft and their sound makes them a perfect fit with the Qobuz ethos. The care with which these new digital masters were made sets a great example for artists with catalogs created during the analog era”.

Listen to the first three albums via Qobuz.

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