Hear Horsegirl cover The Minutemen’s “History Lesson Part 2”

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Earlier this year, Chicago indie rock group Horsegirl released their debut album, Versions of Modern Performance, via Matador. And today, the band have shared their cover of The Minutemen’s “History Lesson Part 2,” one of the many standouts on the punk legends’ sprawling 1984 album Double Nickels on the Dime (which was recently included on our list of the 150 Best Albums of the 1980s).

“‘History Lesson Part 2’ has always been a punk manifesto for us,” the group said in a press release. “It was an unusual pick to cover considering the lyrics are so specific to Minutemen, but we thought there was something appealing too about recording a ‘History Lesson’ that doesn’t actually give you any history on us.”

Listen to Horsegirl’s cover of “History Lesson Part 2” below. Versions of Modern Performance is on our list of the Best Albums of 2022 So Far.

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