Inter Arma announce new album, New Heaven

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Inter Arma have announced a new album. On April 26, the group will release New Heaven via Relapse. Today they’ve shared the title track, which you can check out below in all of its abrasive glory.

Drummer T.J. Childers said in a statement, “New Heaven is the culmination of four years worth of adversity ranging from near death experiences, multiple member changes and of course a global pandemic. It marks a new chapter for us musically as we feel we’ve taken our songwriting to places we’ve never explored before. We’re excited to have come out of the madness relatively unscathed and feel as though we’ve created something completely unique that will stand apart in the sometimes homogenous extreme music community.” 

Guitarist Trey Dalton added, “This record, maybe more than our previous efforts, more fully represents what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s still very much us – you know, music made by dudes coming from disparate musical backgrounds and perspectives, but with a more collective and defined sense of purpose. Clarity in direction, maybe. Your mileage may vary, but we like it a lot, and we hope you do too.”

Inter Arma’s last album was 2019’s Sulphur English—followed by the covers album, Garbers Days Revisited.

Inter Arma new album new Heaven

Inter Arma New Heaven tracklist:

New Heaven
Violet Seizures
Desolation’s Harp
Endless Grey
Gardens in the Dark
The Children the Bombs Overlooked
Concrete Cliffs
Forest Service Road Blues

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