Hear the new EP from Sataray, Blood Trine Moon

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Sataray Blood Trine Moon stream

On Friday, February 11, Washington dark ambient artist Sataray will release her new EP, Blood Trine Moon, via Scry Recordings. It follows last year’s split EP with Zania Morgan, and she’s already debuted two songs from the release, “Hexennacht” (which means “Witches’ night,” to give you some indication of what Sataray is all about) and “The Lake.” But before it’s officially out on streaming and digital platforms, we’re streaming this haunting new set of ethereal, chilling tracks in its entirety. Blood Trine Moon is a gloomy and gothic creation, as much a piece of music as a dark ritual. Ostensibly, it’s ambient music, but it feels as much aligned with Dead Can Dance as it does with Lustmord or the most spacious of Tangerine Dream material, and featuring elements of industrial and dungeon synth throughout. Autumnal music (and pretty spooky), but perfect enough for the snow-drenched winter we’ve been having as well.

Listen to the Sataray Blood Trine Moon stream below.

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