Scarcity (members of Pyrrhon, Glenn Branca Orchestra) share intense new track, “iii.”

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On July 15, Scarcity—the new extreme metal project from Brendan Randall-Myers (Glenn Branca Orchestra) and Doug Moore (Pyrrhon, Weeping Sores)—release their debut album Aveilut via The Flenser. It’s an album length composition that’s split into five parts, and today they’ve shared “iii.” The track is a tense and dissonant rush of energy and menace that reflects both musicians’ backgrounds in black metal and experimental tonalities. It’s tense and explosive, a searing yet hypnotic extreme metal track that rewards deeper listening and closer attention. Gnarly, aggressive, but elegant and harboring fascinating layers of sound despite the intensity. Hear it below.

Scarcity’s Brendon Randall-Myers says in a statement, “I finished this music during the peak of Covid lockdowns in Beijing and New York in Spring 2020. I felt caught up in a process too large and complex to fully understand; a process whose impact was all the more terrifying for its scale and unknowability. ‘iii’ reflects the anxiety and fear I felt at the time, but also tries to evoke the inhuman power of the process I was seeing part of.”

Scarcity album Aveilut

Scarcity Aveilut tracklist:

1. i
2. ii
3. iii
4. iv
5. v

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