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Matt and Kim make music with an animated, childlike character. The Williamsburg, Brooklyn duo’s self titled debut album is like two teenagers fiddling around with their instruments and seeing what works when their individual parts are put together. Matt Johnson (lead vocals and keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) compose combinations of sounds and verses which form musical collages emerging from an honest exchange between the two that resembles a mashup of The White Stripes and Sgt. Pepper’s.

Their interaction sounds more like a jam session than a polished commodity and proves to be an honest expression of their relationship, whereby Kim is the sturdy backbone and Matt is the imaginative and impulsive thespian. In their song “It’s A Fact,” their exchange is frolicking and shouts with a pub rock buoyancy. Many of their tunes are perfect for the pub atmosphere like “Dash After Dash” and “Yea Yeah,” adorning puffing drum beats and bobbing choruses. Their ditty “Ready Ok” has a vocal percussion reminiscent of Brit-popsters The Zutons. The tambourine rills on “No More Long Years” adds a joyful gypsy-like spree to the tangy passages, and”5K” overflows with jolly vibes.

Instrumental “Grand” threads repetitive sequences hinged to merriment and blithe movements, while the tune “Frank” garbs drum splashes and chorus line vocals reflective of Modest Mouse. The pensive vibe of “Someday” is like a reflecting pool looking into the future with hopes of reconciling the past. The handclapping rhythmic motions on “Light Speed” create crevices in the melodic movements as Matt’s vocals glide over the bumps. Matt and Kim make music fun and create a jolly place for the listener. Their songs have an escapist persona and their songs have a childlike quality, which reminds the listener what is really important in life – freedom to experience joy.

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MP3: “No More Long Years”

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