Oneohtrix Point Never announces Renditions I vinyl EP, out Friday

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On Friday, which is Record Store Day‘s Black Friday event, Oneohtrix Point Never will release a limited edition 10-inch vinyl edition of Renditions I. The EP features the songs “Tales from the Trash Stratum,” featuring Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Fraser, and “Nothing’s Special,” his collaboration with Rosalía. Both tracks will also appear on the Blu-Ray Edition of his recent album Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, which will be released on December 3. Check out its tracklist below.

Oneohtrix Point Never Magic Oneohtrix Point Never Blu-ray edition tracklist:

01. Cross Talk I

02. Auto & Allo 

03. Long Road Home

04. Cross Talk II

05. I Don’t Love Me Anymore

06. Bow Ecco

07. The Whether Channel 

08. No Nightmares 

09. Cross Talk III

10. Tales From The Trash Stratum

11. Answering Machine

12. Imago

13. Cross Talk IV / Radio Lonelys 

14. Lost But Never Alone

15. Shifting

16. Wave Idea

17. Nothing’s Special

Bonus Tracks

18. Lost But Never Alone (A. G. Cook Remix)

19. Tales From The Trash Stratum (Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser)

20. Nothing’s Special (Oneohtrix Point Never & ROSALÍA)

21. Lost But Never Alone (Forced Smile Edit)

Cocteau Twins’ “Persephone” is featured on our list of the Top 50 Goth Songs.

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