Pole announces new 1 2 3 box set

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Pole, aka German producer Stefan Betke, has announced a new box set compiling his early trio of releases, 1, 2 and 3. On April 24, Mute will release the box, simply titled 1 2 3, which will find the three albums released on vinyl for the first time in nearly two decades. The vinyl edition also includes the 1998 Raum EP as a bonus.

Betke says in a statement, “A common factor in all the releases was that they all originated in a kind of dub continuum. Melodies have never been my motivation – they were always more peripheral. But across those albums, the reverbs and the bass lines were always related and interlinked with each other. By working that way, I didn’t feel as if I was under any artificial pressure, and I could allow things to end loosely in order to continue my work.”

Pole 1 2 3 tracklist:

1 (blue)
Modul (4:37)
Fragen (6:47)
Kirschenessen (5:21)
Lachen (7:31)
Berlin (4:42)
Tanzen (5:51)
Fremd (5:27)
Paula (6:16)
Fliegen (4:46)

2 (red)
Fahren (9:19)
Stadt (3:28)
Streit (5:58)
Huckepack (4:41)
Hafen (4:27)
Weit (5:47)

3 (yellow)
Silberfisch (6:37)
Taxi (7:11)
Karussell (6:41)
Überfahrt (8:04)
Rondell Zwei (7:01)
Klettern (8:04)
Strand (7:32)
Fohlenfurz (3:12)

Raum 1
Raum 2

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