Rogers Sisters : Three Fingers

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Dear Williamsburg:

Yeah, I know you’ve produced some pretty rad and original bands over the years, more than most cities can claim, but don’t you think it may be time to give us a bit of a break? I mean are we supposed to sit and swoon at every Brooklyn band shoved down our throats as the saviors of music by the “indie media”? Do we need anymore of your sassy dance bands?

Please answer me….

Erase Errata, Le Tigre, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Glass Candy are all bands that play music similar to that of the Rogers Sisters, yet actually do it well and with authenticity and originality. The Rogers Sisters give us seven songs of recycled disco-beat junk, attempting to sound somewhere between the B-52’s and ESG; all attempts fall flat. I’m sure this band kills at hipster loft parties in the `Burg, but on record it’s just boring and overdone. There are too many bands rocking similar styles that do it so much better than this trio, making the Sisters pretty irrelevant. I won’t even get into the horribly cliché lyrics.

The only moment not worth cringing at comes on “Five Months,” an okay attempt at some updated no-wave that only sounds original compared to the rest of the album. I bought the first three B-52’s records for .50 cents each from the Salvation Army a while back. Check out your local thrift store’s bargain bin and you’ll be sure to find something better than Three Fingers.

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