Songs: Ohia’s The Lioness to be reissued in deluxe vinyl box set

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Songs: Ohia Lioness vinyl reissue

Songs: Ohia‘s 2000 album The Lioness is one of Jason Molina’s most celebrated albums, but it’s been out of print for some time. On November 23, Secretly Canadian is finally reissuing the album on vinyl in a deluxe box set reissue called Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions. The deluxe purple-vinyl reissue features a bonus LP of outtakes from The Lioness sessions, and is packaged in a gatefold cover with die-cut slipcase. There’s also a 16-page booklet with photos and notes from Molina’s family and friends, as well as other items from the era, including postcards and a hand-written letter. Take a look at the unboxing video below.

Songs: Ohia Love & Work: The Lioness Sessions tracklisting:

Side One
1. The Black Crow
2. Tigress
3. Nervous Bride
4. Being in Love
5. Lioness

Side Two
1. Coxcomb Red
2. Back On Top
3. Baby Take A Look
4. Just a Spark

Side Three
1. On My Way Home (Lioness Sessions outtake)
2. Never Fake It (Lioness Sessions outtake)
3. From the Heart (Lioness Sessions outtake)
4. It Gets Harder Over Time (Lioness Sessions outtake)
5. I Promise Not To Quit (Lioness Sessions outtake)

Side Four
1. Neighbors Of Our Age (Lioness Sessions outtake)
2. Pyrate II (Even Now) (Lioness Sessions outtake)
3. Velvet Marching Band (Lissy’s Sessions)
4. Raw (Lissy’s Sessions)
5. Already Through (Lissy’s Sessions)
6. Wondrous Love (Lissy’s Sessions)

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