Spellling shares new single, “The Turning Wheel”

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Spellling Turning Wheel video

Spellling has shared another new track from her upcoming album, The Turning Wheel, out June 25 via Sacred Bones. The new track is titled “Turning Wheel,” and it’s accompanied by a colorful video that finds Tia Cabral and some friends in flamboyant outfits and makeup. Check it out below.

“‘Turning Wheel’ is a bittersweet anthem about the desire for the pure and simple moments in time to last forever,” Cabral says in a press release. “I fantasize about a realm of peace, gentleness and ecstasy, like a pristine wilderness that evades the conditions, demands and decay of the human world and its pursuits. I’m the type of personality and artist that yearns for deep reclusion and repose, and oftentimes I struggle to make choices. I frequently feel immobilized by the structures and regiments of being a modern world citizen. I sing about these personal tensions through ‘Turning Wheel’ and also speak to the larger theme of the album: the cosmic wheel of life. The song, like the album as a whole, ponders: when does reality stop circling around itself? When, if ever, will we reach a divine, angelic state that transcends the turning wheel?

The Turning Wheel follows 2019’s Mazy Fly.

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