Spiritualized announce reissue of Songs In A&E

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Spiritualized is continuing its reissue campaign that began back in 2021. After reissuing 1992’s Lazer Guided Melodies, 1995’s Pure Phase, 1997’s Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space, 2001’s Let It Come Down and 2002’s Amazing Grace, they’re releasing 2008’s Songs In A&E. It’s out June 21 via Fat Possum, featuring new artwork, which you can check out below. Watch the video for “Soul on Fire”.

Songs In A&E was written after Jason Pierce’s near-death hospitalization. “I remember saying at the time,“ Pierce said in a statement, “that I felt like people who have these kinds of experiences become more charitable. They change or whatever. But I think I came back partly to the same disappointing person I was before. And sometimes I still feel the same. But a lot of people worked really hard to get me out of there and I also realized just how lucky I was.”

Spiritualized Songs In A&E tracklist:

1. Harmony 1 (Mellotron)
2. Sweet Talk
3. Death Take Your Fiddle
4. I Gotta Fire
5. Soul on Fire
6. Harmony 2 (Piano)
7. Sitting on Fire
8. Yeah Yeah
9. You Lie You Cheat
10. Harmony 3 (Voice)
11. Baby I’m Just A Fool
12. Don’t Hold Me Close
13. Harmony 4 (The Old Man…)
14. The Waves Crash In
15. Harmony 5 (Accordion)
16. Borrowed Your Gun
17. Harmony 6 (Glockenspiel)
18. Goodnight Goodnight

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