Swans working on new album

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Ever since Michael Gira resurrected the Swans name after retiring it in the ’90s and focusing full-time on Angels of Light, the band has not just been active but utterly unstoppable. Their first post-comeback release, My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky, was a kickass enough return, chock full of crushing drones and stoner-rock guitar riffs. But that was just the appetizer for the double-disc The Seer, which found the potential of Swans realized in a huge, overwhelming and incredibly powerful package.

Now, somehow, Gira & Co. are planning to follow that up. Gira posted a heartfelt note of thanks and gratitude to fans on Facebook, and in the process offered up some news about what’s coming next:

thank you for allowing us to make a fresh world in real time. your involvement means everything! … a few more of these short tours are upcoming, then a live album (hand made), then a new studio album using the live versions of these new songs you may have experienced as a starting point. so, the studio album will move forward from the live versions you’ve possibly witnessed (which have already changed nightly in the recent tour-s), and there will also be studio-only songs as well.

For the time being, there is only abstract information available about the album(s) being recorded, but still, it sounds like it’s happening. So folks, get your body armor ready. Swans are ready to rumble.

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