Enslaved Heimdal review

Enslaved : Heimdal

One of Norway’s most consistently strong black metal bands show their first sign of coasting in over a decade.

Fire in the Mountains 2022

Enslaved, Yob, Emma Ruth Rundle to play Fire in the Mountains 2022

Plus Yellow Eyes, Tchornobog, Wayfarer and more.

darkthrone eternal hails review

Enslaved : Utgard

The black metal vets deliver one of their most explicitly proggy albums that’s oddly also one of their most concise.

Baroness 2017

Baroness, Deafheaven, Obituary to play Decibel Metal and Beer Fest 2019

Plus Enslaved, Tomb Mold, Exhorder and Outer Heaven.

Enslaved E review

Enslaved : E

The black metal legends continue to refine their progressive approach.

10 Essential Black Metal Albums

Time to break out the spikes and corpse paint.

Hold On To Your Genre: Black Metal

Hold On To Your Genre: Black Metal

Embracing an entirely new sound, one kvlt album at a time.