Nicolas Jaar

Ali Sethi and Nicolas Jaar Intiha review

Ali Sethi and Nicolás Jaar : Intiha

A meditative collaboration that reaches for the sacred

The Best Albums of July 2020

Thirteen favorites from the last 31 days (give or take an extra week or two).

Nicolas Jaar Telas review Album of the Week

Album of the Week: Nicolas Jaar – Telas

Jaar’s third album in one year (so far) is one of his most fascinating and enigmatic.

Nicolas Jaar to introduce new project AEAEA at Le Guess Who? festival

Plus Deerhoof, Aldous Harding and more added to this year’s festival lineup.

Against All Logic 2012-2017 review

A.A.L. (Against All Logic) : 2012-2017

A surprising new release of eclectic electronics from the innovative producer.

The 10 Best Electronic Albums of 2016

The best beats, bleeps and drones of 2016.

The Best Albums of 2016

The Top 50 Albums of 2016

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Overlooked Records 2016

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Nicolas Jaar Sirens

Nicolas Jaar announces new album Sirens, tour dates

Nicolas Jaar, formerly of Darkside, has announced a new album. It’s titled Sirens, and it’s…

best albums of 2013 Darkside

Nicolas Jaar’s new Darkside project reveals album details

Psychic due in October via Other People/Matador.