Eugene S. Robinson leaves Oxbow

“I think it necessary so that maybe a kind of healing can take place”

Oxbow Love's Holiday

Oxbow : Love’s Holiday

The noise rock vets lean heavier on mood, at the expense of power


Oxbow announce new album, Love’s Holiday

Oxbow are returning with their first new album in six years. On July 21, the…

Jeffrey Lee Pierce documentary

10 Essential Punk Blues Albums

From the Delta on over to the Sunset Strip.

Oxbow Thin Black Duke review

Oxbow : Thin Black Duke

The San Francisco noise rock outfit returns after a decade-long break with a surprisingly melodic presence.

Oxbow : Fuckfest

An exercise in mental breakdown.

Pissed Jeans

Hope for Men: Noise Rock in 2007

The cult of Albini gains notoriety.

Oxbow : The Narcotic Story

Drug abuse resistance by pummeling.

Oxbow : Love That’s Last

Beefheartian post-hardcore: the legacy.