The Adored : The Adored EP

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I love punk rock, get very particular about punk culture, and the different styles under the blanket called “punk.” I think the debut EP by The Adored could be called “gutter punk,” though this release consists of five songs that sound the same, are catchy, and upbeat, and guess what? I didn’t hate them.

The most positive attribute about The Adored is that it is an EP, not a whole collective archive of the adored songs smashed onto one album (full-length albums by punk bands can be a bit overwhelming to listen to in one sitting.) The Adored give the listener just the right amount of time to learn what they’re all about. If you like the punk anthems they produce, then it’s a great teaser of what they are capable of making. Or if you dislike punk infused with a hint of ska, then, hey, it was only five songs. Even if you hate punk, this EP will be more than tolerable for it’s short duration.

The Adored have strong iconic punk influences to their sound — Rancid, The Unseen, G.B.H. all come to mind as I try to describe what The Adored actually sound like. They even do some call and response chant anthems much like Irish pub-crawlers The Dropkick Murphys. Take all these collective influences of bands and their respective sounds, mix them all up and there you have The Adored. “Chemistry” encompasses the good-time feel of Rancid’s And Out Came the Wolves. “TV Riot” sounds like a homage to the Sex Pistols’ legendary song “God Save The Queen.”

I really liked this EP. It’s perfect, in that it has just enough songs to keep you and your short attention span occupied, and stops just before you tire of the repetitive style.

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