The Worst Song: The Good Songs We Hate

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The Worst Song Podcast

We’ve all got that one song that everyone else seems to love that you just can’t stand. Co-hosts Jeff Terich and Candice Eley dive into their personal irritations with the Violent Femmes and Bruce Springsteen.

Plus, psychedelic metal band Howling Giant joins the podcast to talk about their music and the song that they never want to hear again.

Hear more music from Howling Giant at the band’s Bandcamp page, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Hi Candice and Jeff!

    Thanks for the awesome podcast. It was a really great listen today. I’m a big Bruce fan, and a few things that you talked about got me thinking. First off, I’ve seen his show on Broadway, and it’s incredible and unique. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull off what he does for 2 1/2 hours, but if you don’t make it to see it, it’ll be out on Netflix on December 15th, which is exciting:

    Also, I came across this the other day. 20 different versions of I’m on Fire. Kind of amazing and hilarious. The article’s title might make you cringe, Candice, considering the lyrics you discussed, but some versions are pretty different/cool:

    I also watched the I’m on Fire music video, since I’ve never seen it. I know Bruce never enjoyed doing videos, and only did a few cause the record company made him, but it’s paints a pretty clear (if cheesy 80’s version) picture of what the song could be about.

    Lastly, you mentioned Dancing in the Dark. I know you said it was fun and silly, and Bruce’s version of it is so damn awesome and upbeat, but the lyrics themselves are brutally desperate. I read somewhere that he wrote it in about 15 minutes, when he was pissed off at the record company, which wanted another single after an already long recording process. Here are a couple versions for your interest that are much darker, but so so good! Hope you enjoy:
    Pete Yorn:
    Ben Howard:

    Thanks again for the great podcast!!

    • Dan, thanks so much for your comments! I really appreciate you pointing out that Dancing in the Dark is, in fact, NOT a very fun or silly song lyrically. I think it’s gotten so connected in my mind with that goofy staged concert music video that that’s the first thing that comes to mind. And it’s interesting that you mention how musically it doesn’t *sound* as dark as the lyrics let on. Born in the USA has that same quality — so many people think it’s this “I love America” anthem because of how it sounds, but then you listen to the lyrics…

      Thanks so much for listening! (And yes, I did cringe a bit at the title of that article from The Cut, but it was definitely interesting!)

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