Through the Sparks : Lazarus Beach

Skybucket Records came to life with their first full length CD release, strategically scheduled for debut band Through The Sparks’ favorite day of the year, Cinco de Mayo! Following their debut EP, Coin Toss, this debut album is a much more solid affair, comparatively. This marriage of experience and excellence come together to give birth to Lazarus Beach, and let us be the first to tell you, this one’s a happy Birmingham, Alabama baby.

Lazarus Beach gains momentum fronted by vocalist Jody Nelson in a very piano rock sort of way, reminiscent of The Doors or Pink Floyd. If at first listen it is hard to wrap your ears around Through The Sparks’ unique style, go ahead and give it another shot. Remember the first time you listened to David Bowie? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Try that track one more time. Breaking itself up half way, the album takes an intermission with a musical “Porcelain DeLorean” and comes back refreshed to finish up the last half with clearly solid hit after hit that displays the result of five guys playing together (consistently or inconsistently) for over a decade.

This album starts out with a deviously deceiving upbeat tune, “L. Roi,” which proves itself to be inconsistent with not only the rest of the more drawn-out mellow tracks, but with itself, being a song about a friends untimely suicide. Packed with a thought-provoking environment cleverly disguised by sweetly melodic undertones, Lazarus Beach reveals a clearly drawn dichotomy between prog and pop.

Through the Sparks is a band that enjoys the extended bridges of jams and interludes that would influence any listener to watch and listen intently at any show just to hear their instrumental interplay. If Lazarus Beach is any indication of the future success of Skybucket Records, then both band and label should be skyrocketing.

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Through the Sparks - Lazarus Beach

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