Venomous Concept : Retroactive Abortion

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So, uh, yeah…well then. What we seem to have here is a “super group,” if you wanna call it that, comprised of Melvins/Fantomas guitarist Buzz Osbourne, ex-Brutal truth singer Kevin Sharp, and Napalm Death dudes Shane Embury on bass and Dany Herrera on drums. If this gets your attention piqued, then go out and buy the record and ignore what is to be found further down this page. If the idea of a super group made up of guys from shitty bands doesn’t quite get you going, well you can keep reading to confirm your suspicions.

This record is essentially tough guy metallic hardcore thrash crap from guys who were already in tough guy bands. Innovation at its best here friends. Pick any track on this album, it doesn’t matter, because they all sound the same: either shit, shitty or shittier. I didn’t bother reading the lyrics because to tell you the truth, I really don’t care what they have to say. I dare say it probably isn’t of much substance.

I’m not one to put age limits on rock music whatsoever. A band like the Fall, one of my faves, have stayed consistently great despite Mark E. Smith seemingly having one foot in the graves for ages now. But with this type of shit my mind should be changing. Are we a bit old and crusty to be acting so macho now boys? And just because you’re all from established bands doesn’t mean you have to subject the rest of us with your tired recycled garbage you call music.

If you ever happen to be going to a skinhead tweaker party located somewhere on the outskirts of your town, you may want to bring this record to show the “bros” that you’re down for the cause. Oh, and remember, “it’s probably best to gear up before entering this pit” as their press release so eloquently states. Yikes. I guess I prefer my hardcore done by skinny vegan dudes these days.

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