Watch Gates’ animated video for epic new track “Threads Bound in Lapis”

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GATES threads bound in lapis video

On January 15, Canadian post-rock collective GATES will release a new 7-inch for “Threads Bound in Lapis,” which precedes the group’s upcoming spring full-length release, Vas. The track is a gradual, yet epic journey of a composition through chilly instrumentals, Low-like slowcore guitars and graceful strings, only to erupt into a heavy, cinematic climax that transforms the group’s gentle movements into heavy metal thunder. The group have released a video for the new track, which pairs surreal, psychedelic animation with their grand orchestration.

GATES’ Bryan W. Bray says of the track, ““In the story of the album ‘Threads Bound In Lapis’, an allusion to the lapis stone of alchemy, the philosophers stone, follows from the divine consciousness, “the soul”, and ‘Threads Bound In Lapis’ is the awakening of awareness about this form and what may come with it. The stone here represents the knowledge that is acquired in this awakening. Filled with joy yet aware of the struggles that will follow.”

Watch GATES’ “Threads Bound in Lapis” video below.

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