Mono : Pilgrimage of the Soul

The Japanese post-rock band return with a set of songs that live up to their live intensity.

mono pilgrimage of the soul review

Godspeed You! Black Emperor : G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

The Canadian post-rock collective deliver a loose and apocalyptic score.

mono pilgrimage of the soul review

Hear the new Godspeed You! Black Emperor album, G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END!

Hear the band’s highly anticipated new album now.

Antikaroshi premiere

Hear The Antikaroshi’s dark, pummeling new track “Constitution Shall Not”

Hear the German group’s politically charged and pulsing new single.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor album stream

Godspeed You! Black Emperor announce album stream event

The band will preview the album with 16mm film visuals a week before it’s released.

mono pilgrimage of the soul review

Mogwai : As the Love Continues

The Glasgow group’s 10th album is as much a career summary as a document of change.

Mogwai interview

Glorious Mistakes: A conversation with Mogwai

Stuart Braithwaite discusses the importance of happy accidents in the studio, and how 25 years can change a lot about a person and a band.

transatlantic absolute universe review

Sigur Rós : Odin’s Raven Magic

The Icelandic group’s live soundtrack to a Norse myth has its moments of grandeur and folly

Mogwai interview

Hear Mogwai’s new single, “Richie Sacramento”

The band has dropped new single from ‘As The Love Continues’.

Mogwai livestream

Mogwai to perform new album As the Love Continues via stream

Plus other highlights from the band’s catalog.

GATES threads bound in lapis video

Watch Gates’ animated video for epic new track “Threads Bound in Lapis”

On January 15, Canadian post-rock collective GATES will release a new 7-inch for “Threads Bound…

mono pilgrimage of the soul review

Mogwai announce new album, As the Love Continues

Hear new single “Dry Fantasy.”

Explosions in the Sky the Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place

Explosions in the Sky’s ‘The Earth is Not A Cold Dead Place’ built a place of refuge

A titanic entry in the post-rock canon that feels all too appropriate right now.

Wrekmeister Harmonies We Love To Look at the Carnage review

Wrekmeister Harmonies : We Love To Look At the Carnage

The chamber-doom group embraces proper songwriting on this more scaled back release.

Caspian : On Circles

The post-rock outfit adds more layers of atmosphere and more varied instrumentation on their fifth album.

tangents timeslips and chimeras review

Swans : Leaving Meaning.

A darker, more nuanced version of the band that dims the lights and pours the wine.