Wax Donut announces Day Old Donuts, a ’60s covers compilation for disaster relief

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Day Old Donuts compilation

On July 26, Wax Donut Records is releasing a new benefit comp titled Day Old Donuts, featuring covers of songs from the 1960s by contemporary bands—not unlike their New Wave Donut compilation, which focused on the 1980s. Proceeds from the sale of Day Old Donuts will be donated to CDP Global Recovery Fund, an organization committed to maximizing the impact of efforts to help victims of catastrophes worldwide. Today, three tracks from the album are available to hear: Night Goat’s “Voodoo Voodoo,” Chip Whitson and Berton Averre’s “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow,” and Skeletonized’s “Valerie.” Hear all three and pre-order the compilation below.


1. Night Goat – Voodoo Voodoo
2. Dead Senses – Tell Him
3. Heckel & Jeckel – Fever
4. The Triceratops – Then He Kissed Me
5. Genre is death – Strychnine
6. Matte Martin – Baby, It’s You
7. Love Ethic – The Big Hurt
8. Balm – Egyptian Shumbah
9. Old Coffins – It’s the Same Old Song (medley)
10. Chip Whitson ft. Berton Averre – Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
11. Skeletonized – Valerie

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