Hear a new punk rock ripper from White Lung, “If You’re Gone”

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White Lung

On December 2, White Lung are releasing their final album, Premonition, via Domino. And today, the band has shared another new song from the album. Their latest is “If You’re Gone,” a driving punk rock rager with a melodic chorus and a visualizer depicting an animated version of the album’s artwork, with the baby doll’s eyeballs spinning. Check it out below.

“Suicide was in the zeitgeist in many ways when I wrote this song,” said White Lung’s Mish Barber Way in a press release.  “At the time, a few prominent public figures had killed themselves and they all had children. I was thinking about postpartum depression and how real it can hit. The song is about the emotions of children when their parent is now gone and how they deal with that loss. It also looks at the struggle parents face when life gets so bad one doesn’t see another way but to end it.”

White Lung’s previous album was 2016’s Paradise.

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