White Lung

white lung premonition review

White Lung : Premonition

The Vancouver group deliver one last set of hard-charging punk rock

White Lung

Hear a new punk rock ripper from White Lung, “If You’re Gone”

The group’s final album, ‘Premonition’, out December 2

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The 50 Best Hardcore Albums of the 21st Century

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White Lung

White Lung announce their final album, Premonition

Hear two new songs, “Date Night” and “Tomorrow”

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The Top 50 Albums of 2016

Fifty albums that redeemed 2016.

White Lung Dead Weight video

White Lung deliver sensory overload in the “Dead Weight” video

White Lung have released another new video from their Polaris Prize-nominated new album, Paradise, released…

Grimes, White Lung on Polaris Music Prize 2016 Short List

Today The Polaris Music Prize has announced the nominees for their 2016 Short List of…

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White Lung new album

White Lung release new live EP, cover Guns ‘n’ Roses

Last month, White Lung released their new album Paradise, which is shaping up to be…

Diarrhea Planet

Has Indie learned to rock again?

Somewhere between the fourth or fifth guitar solo during their headlining show at San Diego’s…

White Lung vinyl

New releases: 5/6

Today, what could only be described as a “grip” of new releases is hitting shelves.…

Win a copy of White Lung’s Paradise

Treble is giving away a copy of our current Album of the Week, White Lung’s…

White Lung Paradise

Album of the Week: White Lung – Paradise

If your first experience with White Lung was hearing “Below,” the shimmering new single from…

White Lung new album Paradise

Endless Playlist: White Lung – “Below”

White Lung clean up real nice. It’s not usually the Vancouver punk outfit’s concern—they’re often…

White Lung "Below" video

Watch the glamorous White Lung video for “Below”

White Lung have shared yet another new track from their upcoming album Paradise. Following the…

White Lung new album

White Lung announce new album, Paradise

Watch the new video for “Hungry,” starring Amber Tamblyn and Deafheaven’s George Clarke.