Zombies : Begin Here

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The Zombies were not as big on the pop charts as some of the other British bands at the time (most notably The Beatles or The Rolling Stones), but they should not to be ignored or dismissed as one-hit wonders. Heralded as one of the most underestimated bands from England, The Zombies had their own unique tone to their rock music — music which might have been too unusual at the time for people to really appreciate the talent of these young men. Their best known popular hit “Time Of The Season” was released at the end of the group’s career, as the quintet had decided to disband, leaving us with a backlog of albums that are just as good, if not better than their last.

Begin Here was the Zombies’ first album, and the first album of theirs that I became familiar with. Featuring early hits like “She’s Not There,” the whole album seems to have a soulful and bluesy feel, though they are typically categorized as part of the British invasion, which included The Beatles and The Kinks, among others. They have songs that build into dynamic beats that are sometimes accompanied by organs and electric pianos. However, the vocals were and, I suppose, always will be my favorite aspect of The Zombies. Lead singer Colin Bluntstone has a mysterious, soft voice and every time I hear him I melt with delight.

Most recently, my favorite song has been “What More Can I Do?” It starts out with sustained organ notes, and builds with layers of drums, guitars, bass, and that intense voice that I love. Even though the song has a remarkably short duration (1:39), they are able to pack a mean organ solo, and a guitar solo inside. He sings this song with such hate or confusion (I can’t figure out which it is) it lures you in and captivates your attention.

Each time I re-listen to Begin Here I can find a song that I can relate to and a new favorite song from them that I obsess on for a while. When I wear out my copy and put them back on the shelf, I know soon again that I will rediscover a new song for a new era of my life.

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