Death Grips’ The Powers That B is done

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Death Grips the Powers That B

We haven’t heard the last of Death Grips. Though the Sacramento noise hip-hop outfit announced earlier this year their sudden and unexpected break-up, there was still some unfinished business to attend to before the project was indeed a thing of the past. The group leaked Niggas On the Moon earlier this year, which was intended as half of a double-album called The Powers That B, planned for release via Harvest this fall, with its second half, titled Jenny Death. And it looks like Death Grips’ The Powers That B is done, and actually going to be released.

On their Facebook page, the group said, “Our new double album ‘The Powers That B’ is now complete. This is the album cover. Digital and physical release dates coming soon.” And the album cover they refer to is the image that you see above. There is more artwork available at the band’s website, which also has a new, kind of scary animation of a snake wrapped around an apple. Seems… biblical? We wouldn’t necessarily put it past them to dive into some Old Testament esoterica for their anarcho-beat inspiration. Stranger things have certainly happened.

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