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On Nov. 18, Manchester industrial dub producer Andy Stott will release Faith In Strangers, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Luxury Problems, via Modern Love. And just a few weeks ago, Stott released “Violence,” the first new track from the album. That one was a haunting mixture of ethereal, dreamy space — aided by vocalist Alison Skidmore — and noisy, distorted industrial grind. We inducted it into our vaunted Endless Playlist series, naturally, because it’s just that good.

Today, Stott has another new track to share from the album — the title track. This one also features vocals from Alison Skidmore, and it’s a little bit different from the last one. There’s a bit more of a pop influence this time around, and dream pop to be more specific, with a touch of post-punk in its veins. It’s an interesting stylistic choice for Stott, as well as a curious indicator of where Stott is headed next. Not that you have to rely on our description of it to understand what’s going on. Stream the track below, and have a look at the tracklist — just as a reminder.

Andy Stott Faith In Strangers tracklist:

1. Time Away
2. Violence
3. On Oath
4. Science & Industry
5. No Surrender
6. How It Was
7. Damage
8. Faith in Strangers
9. Missing

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