Treble Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

holiday gift guide 2014 record storage

Handmade Record Storage

This awesome Etsy store sells gorgeous, durable wooden storage units for everything vinyl. Whether you just want a display box for your most-played favorites or a full-out stack for the whole collection, this furniture looks great and comes at a reasonable price, considering the quality of the product. (Vinyl Record Storage Co.; starting at $90-$235)

holiday gift guide 2014 savage gold

Savage Gold coffee

If you haven’t yet listened to Tombs’ Savage Gold, it’s far and away one of the best metal albums of 2014. And when you’re listening to metal, or punk, or pretty much any type of music, it helps to get a good caffeine jolt going. And some artists have taken the extra step of selling their own coffee. Mike Hill of Tombs is an avid coffee drinker — black, no sugar, he emphasizes — and he’s launched his own brand of coffee, called Savage Gold. It’s an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee, certified organic and 100 percent fair trade. So, if your coffee just isn’t “kvlt” enough, this is the way to go. ($16.50; Savage Gold)

Mason Jar amp

Mason Jar Speaker

Grade-school science project meets iPhone DJ party! Pop this baby in your bag and you’ll be able to supply stellar tunes (and solicit anti-hipster groans) at a moment’s notice! ($65; Uncommon Goods)

holiday gift guide 2014 unwound

Unwound – Rat Conspiracy/No Energy

You’re probably going to read a lot of gift guides that will tell you to buy Dylan’s complete Basement Tapes or the Led Zeppelin reissues or something along those lines. And those are fine gifts. But maybe this is the holiday season in which you introduce someone to the amazing art-punk of Unwound. Numero Group has been chronicling the band’s history through a series of elaborate and impressively packaged box sets featuring material from their studio albums and singles, plus unreleased bonus tracks. Rat Conspiracy and No Energy cover the band’s music from 1993-1994 and 1995-1996 respectively, which is arguably when the group was at their fiercest. ($40 each; Numero Group)

Sleater-Kinney Start Together

Sleater-Kinney – Start Together: 1994-2006

With the band’s highly anticipated eighth album just around the corner, Sleater-Kinney is on just about every music fanatic’s mind just about now. And, whether you need to catch up on records 1-7 or just want to add those sweet, ass-kicking albums to your collection, you can get the band’s full catalog on remastered vinyl. Better hurry though, supplies are limited! ($125; Sub Pop)

grim holiday gift guide 2014Grimm the Little Black Metal Dude

Black metal is dark and evil and intense — sure, we know all that. But did you know it can also be adorable? Croshame offers subversive custom crochets, which range from a vomiting-Regan Exorcist playset to a severed forearm throwing horns with “Slayer” carved into it. But our favorite is this li’l guy — a black metal ghoul in corpse paint that’s both unholy and extra cuddly! The store points out that these items are “Adults Only,” both for subject matter and because they’re delicate, hand-made items (which means they take a while to make — patience!). But we’re pretty sure the hesher in your life will take care of this little dude. ($70; Etsy)

Some of the best music of the year…

In the coming weeks we’re going to reveal our favorite albums and songs and other music from 2014, and those always make great gifts — who doesn’t want new music, especially on vinyl? Those haven’t been revealed just yet, but may we recommend you take a look through our Album of the Week archives? We’re sure you’ll get some ideas in there.

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