Grimes – “REALiTi”

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Grimes REALiTi video

Grimes has just released a new video for a brand new song called “REALiTi,” a previously unreleased track recorded for her since-scrapped Visions follow-up. “Since this is no longer gonna be on the album,” says Grimes’ Claire Boucher in the video description, “I’m releasing it as a special thank you to everyone in Singapore, KL, Manila, Jakarta, HK, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo who came out to the shows!”. Boucher also makes a statement about the mix being not up to her standards, saying that it was “poorly recorded in the first place and never meant to be heard by anyone”

The video was directed by Grimes, herself, and mostly features footage of traveling in Asia. Watch the Grimes “REALiTi” video below.

Grimes’ “Oblivion” is one of our Top 100 Songs of the Decade So Far.

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