Mastodon – “Asleep in the Deep”

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Mastodon Asleep in the Deep

Mastodon have just shared their new video for “Asleep in the Deep,” from latest album Once More Round the Sun, and it finds the band returning to a medium that has served them well in the past: Puppets! In this new clip, directed by Skinner, Shane Morton and Video Rahim, a kitty cat takes a psychedelic journey into a Wonderland-like world where there’s hallucinogenic milk, skeletal demon cats, hookah-smoking musician frogs, a sentient brain in a jar, and a horrifying multi-faced beast. The video was inspired by Skinner’s own imaginative curiosity about where his own cat goes when he’s asleep—maybe there’s a portal to another universe next to his house?—and if you’re wondering if something can be both adorable and terrifying, well, here’s your answer.

Watch the Mastodon “Asleep in the Deep” video below, courtesy of Adult Swim.

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