Pictureplane announces new album, Technomancer

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Pictureplane Technomancer

Abrasive and psychedelic electronic producer Travis Egedy, better known as Pictureplane, made a name for himself with the 2009 single “Goth Star” (and to a certain extent Dark Rift, the album it was featured on). Egedy’s been a little more quiet of late, but after some relative silence, Pictureplane returns this year with a new album titled Technomancer, out October 30 via Anticon. That’s the album’s cover art above. Today Egedy has released the title track from the album as a stream, and it’s full of more throbbing synthesizers and industrial-influenced beats. You can stream that track below, and take a look at the tracklist while you’re at it.

Technomancer follows Pictureplane’s 2011 album, Thee Physical.

Pictureplane Technomancer tracklist:

1. Sick Machine
2. Esoterrorist
3. Joyrider
4. Death Condition
5. Street Pressure
6. Harsh Realm
7. Self Control
8. Chaos Radical
9. Technomancer
10. Riot Porn
11. Live Forever

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