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Pictureplane Technomancer

On October 30, Travis Egedy aka Pictureplane, will release his new album Technomancer, via Anticon. It’s a pretty fitting electronic album for Halloween, featuring plenty of party-ready beats and ghosts in the machine alike. That’s been sort of Egedy’s M.O. since day one, blending technological with terror in ways that turn out fun, psychedelic, confusing, maybe a little all of the above. To get a good feel for just how that all works, however, it’d be helpful if you were able to hear it. Well, lucky for you, Spin is hosting a stream of the album before its release date.

Listen to the Pictureplane Technomancer stream below.

Technomancer follows Pictureplane’s 2011 album, Thee Physical.

Pictureplane Technomancer tracklist:

1. Sick Machine
2. Esoterrorist
3. Joyrider
4. Death Condition
5. Street Pressure
6. Harsh Realm
7. Self Control
8. Chaos Radical
9. Technomancer
10. Riot Porn
11. Live Forever

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