Krallice releases surprise new EP, Hyperion

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Krallice new EP Hyperion

In the first great musical surprise of 2016, Krallice has just released a new EP. The New York black metal group just dropped their new Hyperion EP on Bandcamp, featuring three brand new tracks. With a running time of around 23 minutes, Hyperion is one of the most concise releases from the band to date, though still feels pretty substantial in terms of the meatiness of the material. (It’s about as long or longer than the first Hellhammer or Celtic Frost EPs, just for reference.) Physical copies are being released via Gilead Media, and will ship around January 12, according to the band’s Bandcamp page. In the meantime, you can stream the full thing right now.

Hyperion follows 2015’s Ygg Huur.

Krallice Hyperion EP:

1. Hyperion
2. The Guilt of Time
3. Assuming Memory

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