The National cover another song from Bob’s Burgers, “Give It To Teddy”

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The National and Bob’s Burger’s have had a long partnership. In fact, the band appears several times on the recently released The Bob’s Burgers Music Album, which was released earlier this year via Sub Pop, having covered “Sailors In Your Mouth” and “Bad Stuff Happens in the Bathroom” (in typical melancholy fashion, which is somehow even funnier). Since Bob’s Burgers has a long history of classic Thanksgiving episodes, including some hilarious songs to go with them, The National once again joined in on the Bob’s Burgers musical fun by releasing their recording of “Give It To Teddy,” which Linda Belcher sings on the most recent Thanksgiving episode of Bob’s Burgers.

Listen to The National’s recording of “Give It To Teddy” below.

The National’s new album is Sleep Well Beast, which was one of our favorite albums of September.

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