Aphex Twin announces new album via Deep Web

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Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin hasn’t released a new album since 2001’s Drukqs — unless you count 1995’s Caustic Window, which recently resurfaced via a test pressing and crowdfunding campaign — but that long hiatus may soon be coming to an end. Today, Aphex Twin tweeted the following:

The link in the tweet (“.onion”), is a domain used with the TOR proxy-browser and used when accessing the Deep Web. (Not this DEEP WEB, though.) When you access the site (which you can’t do without the proxy browser), there’s some text announcing a new album called SYRO, along with a tracklist, which you can see via the image below. The numbers next to the tracks could possibly be BPMs, though that isn’t confirmed. And today also happens to be Richard James’ birthday, which deepens the plot, a bit. Check out the tracklist below via the weird, shady image capture.

Aphex Twin SYRO tracklist

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