Alice Glass, S U R V I V E featured on new Adult Swim synthwave compilation

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Fever Dreams compilation

Adult Swim has just released a new free compilation of synthwave music titled Fever Dreams. The compilation includes new and unreleased music by S U R V I V E, Alice Glass, Marie Davidson, Carpenter Brut, GosT, Com Truise and more. The compilation was curated by writer, producer and voice actor Dana Swanson. “I’m a giant fan of Synthwave and was inspired to create something that sounded incredible while driving at night,” says Swanson. “I’m also beyond fascinated with the dichotomy of the dreams that you have when you’re sick and half-awake: anything is possible, but someone else is behind the wheel.”

Take a look at the tracklist below, and hear the full compilation here.

Fever Dreams tracklist:

1 Lazerhawk – Executeables (feat. Joey Division)
2 Dance With The Dead – TENSION
3 Com Truise – Simulation Cluster
4 Alice Glass – I Trusted You
5 Drumcell – Vapor Sleep (Hypoxia Mix)
6 GosT – The Call Of The Faithful
7 Jasper Byrne – Night
8 Carpenter Brut – Hush, Sally, Hush! (Run, Sally, Run! Remix)
9 Lovelock – The World is Upside Down
10 Power Glove – Haunted
11 NINA – The Calm Before The Storm
12 Maria Davidson – Chasing the Light
13 S U R V I V E – Full Raggo
14 Majeure – Stratos
15 GUNSHIP – The Video Game Champion

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