Com Truise

Adult Swim singles

20 Essential Adult Swim Singles

Adult Swim just launched the 2021 edition of its singles program, which started all the…

m83 fantasy review

Com Truise : Persuasion System

Less like an album, more like a collection of musical sci-fi stories.

Com Truise Iteration review

Album of the Week: Com Truise – Iteration

Seth Haley’s saga finds a happy ending through vintage synthesizer textures.

Com Truise Silicon Tare review

Com Truise : Silicon Tare

Seth Haley has two settings on this Wayback Machine: Minneapolis and Manchester.

Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2014

Top 10 Electronic Albums of 2014

The best of beats and bleeps for 2014.

Com Truise Wave 1

Com Truise : Wave 1

A compact yet completely satisfying set of beats and beeps, book-smart in grand Princeton tradition.