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On Friday, October 27, New Zealand-based metal artist Forest Bohrer, aka Adzes, will release new album Inver. The industrial sludge-metal artist’s latest follows 2020’s No One Wants to Speak About It as well as a split last year with death metal group Putrescine. Their latest combines a Godflesh-like machine pummel with a layered sense of melodicism that nods to the dreamier edge of shoegaze and slowcore along with the riffs and immediacy of the heaviest edges of ’90s grunge. Songs like the ethereal “Strange Warmth of Decay” and the melancholy “Rainhammer” showcase some of Adzes’ most graceful material alongside the abrasive contrasts of “Antipode,” which juxtaposes thorny riffs alongside passages of more open space. It’s a heavy album that bypasses a lot of metal’s most obvious tropes, with richly rewarding songs worthy of a deeper headphone listen. Hear the album in its entirety below, before it’s released on Friday.

Bohrer said about the album in a statement, “Inver was written and recorded over a couple of years, during the process of a cross-border and cross-ocean move from Seattle to the south island of Aotearoa New Zealand. That emigration process influenced the lyrical approach to the record, with songs focusing on the process of change, tied together with themes of water and movement reflective of the natural environments of both places. Musically, I’d been listening to a lot of Medicine, Cloakroom, Soundgarden, and Hum during the writing process. I took the challenge to meld the sludgy tempos and detuned riffs of No One Wants to Speak About It and the Putrescine split with the more streamlined songwriting of alt rock and the chordal harmonies of shoegaze.”

No One Wants to Speak About It was featured on our list of the Best Metal Albums of 2020.

The CD version of Inver will be released on Philip K Discs. Cassette release via Euphoriadic.

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