Hear Annihilus’ searing new black metal album Ghanima

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Annihilius album stream

On Friday, September 25, Annihilus, the black metal project of Luggage‘s Luca Cimarusti, will release new album Ghanima via American Decline, a sublabel of American Dreams. Today Annihilus is sharing a full stream of the album before it’s released on Friday. Inspired by works of fiction like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Frank Herbert’s Dune (the album’s title is taken from Herbert’s novel and means “Spoils of War”), the album pulls from the realms of sci-fi and fantasy in its intense, noisy and searing black metal dirges. It’s an intense listen, one that certainly has textural connections to the noise rock sound of Cimarusti’s other band, but pushed to more blistering limits. As we head into fall and into a spookier season, this will make for a fitting soundtrack.

Listen to the Annihilus Ghanima stream below.

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